SHARE 90 - Anaheim

August 22-27, 1998

After a two year absence, I returned to Anaheim to attend SHARE 90.

I had anticipated that this was going to be the week of Gulf War II. With tension mounting in the Persian Gulf, it seemed as if we would all spend our free time watching CNN again. At other SHAREs we have watched Gulf War I and the second Russian revolution; must be something we're doing.

But the U.N. seems to have negotiated a temporary peace, and the big news was continuing rain and mudslides in Southern California, and tornadoes at home. My wife woke me up at 5:15 a.m. Monday to tell me that everybody was okay. "Okay", I mumbled groggily, "What's the bad news?" Turned out that tornadoes had torn up a bunch of real estate in Central Florida overnight, leaving hundreds homeless and 40 dead.

Maybe I should leave town less often.

Here are the sessions I went to:

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