Session 5312 - Integrating Unix and Windows NT

February 22-27, 1998

This was one of my disappointments for the week. The IBM speaker, who shall remain nameless here, prefaced his talk by confessing that he was a stand-in. "I'm not the author of these materials", he demurred, "but if you have any questions I'll do what I can to answer them. I've been studying this stuff for a month." Oh good, a whole month.

So he spent much of the next hour simply reading the foils one at a time, verbatim. The foils didn't contain much in the way of detail, and our speaker felt obliged to extemporize. This and his lack of expertise resulted in meaningless drivel such as: "Novell NDS is a pretty good product for taking care of the resources of your system". Bah.

(I probably should be a little more charitable. He was probably put on the spot. But I wish his management had had a little more respect for our time.)

Here's something I didn't know, but which everyone else at work seems to. IBM sells something called "Novell Network Services 4.1 for AIX", which is a Netware file-and-print services implementation that runs on an RS/6000 under IBM's Unix. If we were disposed to rid ourselves of Netware, we could jump in this direction as a sort of stepping stone to NETBEUI and NETBIOS.

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