Session A548 - AEG Group Steering

August 21-26, 1992

The "Applications Enabling Group" assembles on Sunday afternoon to discuss last-minute matters and to dispense Messages-From-On-High in the SHARE hierarchy.

Much of the PL/I project seems to be absent, and SHARE management seems genuinely worried about attendance. Many ribbon-wearers are losing their SHARE commitment, and continuity is becoming a problem in some projects.

There is a change in procedure in the "PC Room" this SHARE. All the PCs are wired up to a Novell LAN, and you need a userid and password to log in. While at first I thought this was a bad case of technology for technology's sake, it turned out alright. I was able to leave files on the network hard drive rather than schlep around diskettes, and I had access from any PC to the Internet (through which I could use TN3270 to get to IBMLink).

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