SHARE 78 - Anaheim

March 1-6, 1992

Once again, I attended the COLLECT and SHARE 78 meetings, this time in Anaheim. Unlike the two previous SHAREs, there was no war or military coup keeping us glued to CNN so things were relatively peaceful (at least until I got home -- as I was boarding the plane at John Wayne Airport my home in Orlando was being hit by the first wave of golfball sized hail, but that's another story).

Anaheim itself was wet and not especially pleasant -- I may have seen the sun a couple of times all week. Many of the sessions I usually would have gone to were perversely scheduled for the Disneyland Hotel, and if you have been to Anaheim you can appreciate the 20-minute trek from the Hilton and Marriott hotels to Disney. The shortest way is to cut across the Disneyland parking lot, but the rain produced lakes in the asphalt that hardly made it worthwhile. At previous Anaheim SHAREs we haven't used the Disneyland Hotel for convention purposes, and I asked a SHARE luminary (John Bevis from UF) why we did so this time. He told me that the next Anaheim SHARE -- two years from now -- will take place at the same time as a major renovation for the Hilton Hotel, and that we would definitely need the Disneyland space then. We apparently acquired space at Disneyland this year as part of negotiation for 1994.

I attended the following sessions:

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