SHARE 73 - Orlando

August 21-25, 1989

Louie Lorenzetti and I attended the COLLECT users' group meeting in Orlando, joining Bill Winters the following week for SHARE 73.

Overall, I was surprised at how well the whole thing came off. International Drive is not one of my favorite places in the world, and the small amount of civic pride I have was on the line as 5,000 of my peers crowded into the neon jungle. The hotels are all pretty new and well kept, and I only had one meeting room with insufficient space. Bus service - a necessary evil on I-Drive - was timely and had few glitches. I heard only a few complaints:

But these were all in the minority. We smashed the attendance record for SHAREs held south of the Mason-Dixon line, and (I hope) made a decent impression.

I attended the following sessions:

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