Session G303 - Software Engineering at Motorola

August 21-25, 1989

This was a small presentation to a small group (9 persons). Peter Richetta is a systems development honcho for a government systems group in Motorola. He seems conversant with many of the CASE methodologies and tools available today. His attitude is that of the grizzled army Sergeant who has seen the warfront and knows it ain't all glory over the hill.

He mentioned that Motorola has a goal of 3.6 failures per million opportunities. Someone asked him if he was meeting that goal on any of his projects. His response: "{smirk} That's absurd!"

Another good quote: "If you adopt CASE tools, you won't automatically have good software. You won't automatically have a good process. You won't automatically have ANYTHING. You MAY have a disaster."

Wish this guy would publish in some of the trade rags. You don't see much pragmatic advice on the use of CASE tools these days...

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