SHARE 70 - Anaheim

February 29 - March 4, 1988

In Anaheim, Bill Winters and I attended the COLLECT group meeting (for INTERACT and WYLBUR users) and SHARE 70.

After my last visit to a COLLECT meeting, I reported that they were in need of some strong leadership, did not seem to have a clear purpose, and that they would probably fold over and die without the support of OBS. Well, I didn't lie. While there is hope for COLLECT as a group - new officers have been elected - they still have no good idea how to structure product requirements, and communication between the Leadership and the Ranks is sparse. Nevertheless, Online Business Systems still supports the group; they rent the hotel space, they send technical representatives, they talk about their product plans, they listen to their customers. It is all encouraging.

This was my second SHARE meeting. It attracted over 5700 people, all of whom were easily accommodated. Anaheim is a good place to have meetings like this; all the hotels and convention areas are adjacent and easy to get to.

I attended these sessions at SHARE 70:

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