Session O383 - JES2: A User-Written FSS

August 23-28, 1987

Ahhhh. This is more like it. The speaker implemented a FSS to support a Tektronix graphics printer from within JES2, and described the grief and agony he went through to extract the information from IBM's greedy grasp.

A FSS - Functional Sub-System - is a program that communicates with JES2 to provide output support for printers that JES2 doesn't know about. When IBM introduced the 3800 laser printer, they also introduced "Print Services Facility", a FSS to do the actual I/O to the printer (naturally, they charge extra for it). In your JES2 initialization deck, you can specify that certain local printers are to be serviced via a FSS, and not by JES2 itself.

Up until recently, the JES2 code to support FSS was pretty shaky, and I imagine that this particular user-written FSS helped extinguish a number of the reported bugs.

Because an FSS looks to JES2 like a local printer, you don't have consoles dedicated to an FSS printer.

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