Session O304 - MVSE: TSSO - Operations Management for the Eighties

August 23-28, 1987

Marc Schare, the author of TSSO, gave an hour's lecture on the care and feeding of TSSO. Release 4.3 is the last free release. Beginning with release 4.4 Bellcore is selling the product to interested parties.

To get the good things out of TSSO, you must have TSO/E. We do not, and it was my sad duty to recommend to my boss that he not consider it at this time, since our shop is already heavily automated.

TSSO supports TSO commands issued from the MVS operators console. It can watch the console for certain messages and take action you specify beforehand. It does not however handle TSO commands that have subcommands, such as EDIT. Marc recommended that you use #EF or the PDS command, both from the CBT mods tape.

He also mentioned the ETPS program from the mods tape (Emergency TeleProcessing Services) which provides an ISPF-like edit and browse facility on local 3270s outside of VTAM. I wasn't aware of this but I think I will be.

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